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The Oral History Project is a living history project. Its purpose is to record and preserve the historical experiences and perspectives of members of the New Hampshire Bar and judiciary. It also aims to educate, for only when we understand how the law has evolved in response to important social changes can we truly appreciate how our justice system functions. A tidal wave of change has occurred in the legal profession over the last century. Recording now the recollections of those who lived through this transition is therefore critical if we are to preserve fully New Hampshire’s civic history. Our hope is that these oral histories will help foster a greater understanding of the legal system and its role as a force for good in today’s society. Enjoy.

We wish to thank the New Hampshire Bar Foundation for its support of the Oral History Project.new hampshire bar foundation

Kimon S. Zachos, Esq.
Kimon S. Zachos, Esq., is interviewed by Pierre O. Caron, Esq.

William W. Treat, Esq.
William W. Treat, Esq., is interviewed by Charles A. DeGrandpre, Esq.

The Honorable Hugh H. Bownes
Stanley M. Brown, Esq.
The Honorable H. Alfred Casassa
Neil Castaldo, Esq.
Associate Justice Carol Ann Conboy
Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis
U.S. District Judge Joseph A. DiClerico, Jr.
The Honorable Charles Douglas
Susan V. Duprey, Esq.
Mary Susan Leahy, Attorney
William S. McGraw, Esq.
Hon. Phillip T. McLaughlin
Governor Stephen Merrill
Peter V. Millham, Esq.
Martha Van Oot, Esq.
Dudley W. Orr, Esq.
Thomas D. Rath Esq.
The Honorable Norman H. Stahl
Homer “Sam” Bradley, Esq.
Honorable James Duggan
The Honorable Arthur E. Bean
Augustine J. McDonough, Esq.
The Honorable Margaret Quill Flynn
The Honorable William A. Grimes
The Honorable Martin F. Loughlin
John W. King, Esq.
Bartram C. Branch, Esq.
Catharine B. Sage, Esq.
Bruce W. Felmly, Esq.
Paul McEachern, Esq.
John J. Sheehan Jr. (Jack), Esq.
John R. McLane, Jr., Esq.
Paul Cox, Esq.
John Tobin, Esq.
William Chapman, Esq.
John Maher, Esq.
Paul Semple, Esq.
Charles DeGrandpre, Esq.
David H. Bradley, Esq.
L. Jonathan Ross
Arthur G. Greene, Esq.
Charles Doleac, Esq.
Anthony A. McManus, Esq.
William E. Brennan, Esq.
Stephen E. Borofsky, Esq.
John C. Ransmeier, Esq.
Barbara Keshen, Esq.
Hon. Kenneth McHugh
Claudia Damon, Esq.
Jack B. Middleton, Esq.
Hon. James R. Muirhead
Kimon S. Zachos, Esq.
Richard F. Upton, Esq.
Phil Waystack, Esq.
Hon. William Batchelder
William Green, Esq.
Chief Justice Robert J. Lynn
Bradford E. Cook, Esq.
Robert A. Jones, Esq.
Dort S. Bigg, Esq.
Hon. Robert F. Griffith
Kenneth Graf, Esq.
Arnold P. Hanson, Esq.
Pauline S. Merrill, Esq.
Joseph A. Millimet Esq.
David L. Nixon Esq.
John J. Zimmerman, Esq.
N. Michael Plaut, Esq.
George R. Hanna, Esq.
Frederic K. Upton, Esq.
Joseph M. Kerrigan, Esq.
Hon. Donald Cushing
Wyman Boynton, Esq.
Hon. Maurice Bois
Hon. Vincent P. Dunn
Fred W. Hall, Jr., Esq.
Paul L Normandin, Esq.
Marion Hodges, Esq.
J. Albert Lynch
Hon. William J. O’Neil
William W. Treat, Esq.
Charles J. Griffin, Esq.
Burnham B. Davis, Esq.
Kenneth A. Brighton, Esq.
Perkins Bass, Esq.