The New Hampshire Supreme Court Society has launched two exhibitions.

In May 2008, the Society launched its first exhibition titled, “Judicial Notice: the World Through the Eyes of Chief Justice Peaslee.” The exhibition featured the court room drawings of Chief Justice Peaslee, an early 20th century justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The exhibition afforded an historical glimpse into the lawyers and litigants of the time. The exhibition also featured the artwork of then Justice James E. Duggan and a poetry reading by Chief Justice Linda Dalianis.

In May 2012, the Society launched its second major exhibition titled, “New Hampshire and the United States Supreme Court.” The exhibition consists of numerous panels that detail New Hampshire’s unique contribution to the United States Supreme Court. It is also a traveling exhibition that the Society ensures is displayed in appropriate places around New Hampshire for educational purposes. If you would like to host this traveling exhibition for a period of time, please feel free to contact us.