Test Oral History

The Oral History Project is a living history project. Its purpose is to record and preserve the historical experiences and perspectives of members of the New Hampshire Bar and judiciary. It also aims to educate, for only when we understand how the law has evolved in response to important social changes can we truly appreciate how our justice system functions. A tidal wave of change has occurred in the legal profession over the last century. Recording now the recollections of those who lived through this transition is therefore critical if we are to preserve fully New Hampshire’s civic history. Our hope is that these oral histories will help foster a greater understanding of the legal system and its role as a force for good in today’s society. Enjoy.

Bruce W. Felmly, Esq.
Bruce W Felmly, Esq. is interviewed by Associate Justice Carol Ann Conboy

Paul McEachern, Esq.
Paul McEachern, Esq. interviewed by Honorable. John M. Lewis